Learning How To Tension Your Blinds

Blinds have become a basic necessity for homes and office windows. Blinds, as the name suggests, keeps away the sun rays but allows the light to get into the house. They also prevent people from watching you from outside your house. To find the ideal blinds for your home is simple, you can use the internet to see different online sites that sell shades, or visit the various stores available in your city. You also need to consider factors like brand, durability, and colors. To most people, the color of the blinds is essential. An excellent choice of colors can enhance the overall beauty of the house. However, as you get ready to shop for your blinds here’s a guide of what you need to consider when fixing, tension and adjusting your blinders tension. When looking for ways to fix and maintain the perfect tension for your blinds, written here are tips to guide you.

The internet


If you are a handy person and can handle simple mechanical fixes, the best place to learn how to fix and tension your blinders is the internet. With the internet, you will find a tone of information about tensioning your blinds. It is, however, necessary that you watch videos that feature the type of blinds you have. As you will realize from your online searches, there are different types of blinds, and all get fixed and tensioned differently.

Read the manual

Most of the big companies that sell blinds give out manuals on how to fix your new blinds. Some even have their website where they show clients how to tension the blinds. However, most give out different manuals to clients when they are buying their favorite blinds. It is essential that you read the manual carefully when trying to tension your blinds.

Ask a friend

curtainsgIf you first saw nice blind at your friend’s house and rushed out to buy yours, then it is okay to ask him or her about fixing and tensioning of blinds. A friend who has already owned the type blinds you have will be willing to give you guidelines on how to care, tension and fix your new blinds. A friend like that will save you the time you will have spent online learning.


If you have no time to do your fixing and tensioning of blinds, you should hire the services of an interior designer. These specialist are very knowledgeable about different types of blinds and know how to fix and tension them.


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