The increasing demand for electricity has lead to increased rate of power over the past few years. Many people are using different tips to minimize the rising cost of power. Described here below are the effective energy saving tips.

Lowering the thermostat temperatures overnight

Lowering the thermostat temperature to about seven degrees will help in lowering your electric bill. Another great way of lowering the thermostat temperature by about 10 degrees during winter is by wearing more clothing during the day. You can also lower the thermostat’s temperature at night by another five degrees by sleeping with an extra blanket.

Maintaining your heating system

The heating system should be maintained on a regular basis. Its filters should be replaced after every year. The best time of doing this is before the onset of the cold season or winter. Additionally, the hating system should be inspected by a professional if it has not been working for a long period.

Sealing your home

This will involve insulating your attic and walls. The doors and windows should also be inspected. The seals on the door should be sealed if necessary. Sealing can also be done by using double-paned windows.

Using window coverings

The cold air during winter is kept out by use of window coverings. These coverings will make your home more comfortable. People living in extremely cold areas are known for buying or making quilted window coverings for the winter season.

Turning off the monitor and computer

Turning off your electrical devices is an excellent way of cutting down the power consumption. Your computer should be turned off overnight even if it does not use a lot of power.

Using cold water for the laundry

You should always try as much as possible to wash your laundry using cold water. Go are the days when people used to wash everything with hot water. This is a new era.

Using solar systems

You can install solar systems in your home to cater for your electrical needs. You can either use them as means of heating water or as an alternative source of energy. Power harnessed from solar panels can be stored using batteries. This will ensure that you enjoy the cool summers and warm winters.


Using power strips for the minor applications

You should know that all appliances use power whenever they are plugged in. Turing off your appliances when they are not in use will greatly help in saving your electric bill